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About Alsgongcha Tea

ALSGONGCHA from TaiWan —Best tea of the world.

ALS-short writing of Alishan, is the most famous tea growing area in Taiwan. The mountains exceed elevations of 3000 meters which have provided Taiwan with a unique advantageous environment to grow tea plants. “Gongcha”,  means royal tea which can only be offered to the Emperor in Chinese history.

Alishan Gongcha is from Alishan, Taiwan. The brand owner, Taiwan Alishan Tea Drink Development Co., Ltd.,  is a large-scale enterprise with a tea plantation, tea technology modulation, and cold tea drink chain industry. The company has a tea plantation cultivation base and a healthy tea product development and reconciliation system. Different from other traditional bubble tea, ALSGONGCHA provides high-quality bubble tea, milk cap tea, and fruit tea with fresh made tea base and local fruit and dairy products to provide our global customers with high-class, subtle taste and healthy modern tea drinks.

Our Alsgongcha